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For years, large businesses have maintained a dedicated staff of Information Technology (IT) professionals to cover the wide range of skills necessary to fulfill the technology needs of the organization.  Each IT staff member has a specific job role and is assigned to a team whose efforts are efficiently coordinated through a chain of management.  So, why are large businesses moving toward outsourcing their technology services?  In short, to reduce operating costs as much as possible and allow the organization to focus all efforts on the core business that produces revenue, not technology. 


Spark Systems is a full service technology outsource specializing in the needs of small and medium businesses since 2001.  Our staff can accomplish the diverse tasks of a dedicated technology department, at a fraction of the cost.  The less you have to worry about your technology, the more time you can spend on growing your business.  In this economy, you need to find out how you can reduce costs, increase productivity and insure business continuity to maintain a consistent revenue stream.  Spark Systems can help...


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Say goodbye Windows 8, Microsoft skips Windows 9 and moves on to Windows 10!

Microsoft  Windows 10 is here. An interesting move considering that the last major update to Windows was Windows 8.  Nobody knows why for sure, but there have been rumors that Windows 10 will be the best operating system released by Microsoft since Windows 95.  Time will tell.


Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

“. . . of all organizations who suffer from major data loss and extended downtime, only six percent survive, and 51 percent close their doors.”
                                                                          - Study by the University of Texas

Simple human error, plumbing failure, viruses, or a power surge can render all your computer data useless in an instant. There are only two possible outcomes of a data related disaster, major inconvenience, or permanent loss of data. Unfortunately most of us never realize how absolutely essential a good backup scheme and disaster recovery plan is, until we face the loss of our own data. A Spark Systems technology assessment will evaluate your current backup scheme and disaster recovery plan to expose any weaknesses that may exist.


Data Security

"The most prevalent attack style, responsible for 39% of data thefts, was authorized users exploiting their privileges."
                                                                            -Forrester Research

Networks may contain security holes that business owners are not even aware of. User accounts without passwords and general user access to sensitive company data are just two examples of common security gaps. The use of consumer grade network infrastructure devices, network security devices with default passwords enabled, or wireless networks without encryption are major concerns. A Spark Systems technology assessment will provide you with a basic security audit of your network to help identify gaps that may exist, and provide information to assist in resolving them.


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